I ingest too much television, and my brain has likely fried fifty times over... but seriously, there is a mega-ton of worthy writing to be found in a lot of these series.
TV/Film are great mediums, and it's brilliant to see the increase in risks taken to deliver an impact.
There's no way I'm listing every single show that I've found to be amazing, but may from time to time chat about them.
I will, however, link-out notable mentions and series that have stuck with me regardless of cancellation. Hannibal, Almost Human, Battlestar, The Americans, all fantastic stories and telling, a complete travesty that they are gone.
Superheroes, well, dude, come on... some addictions have no cure.
Viewing focus may be on TV, but I consume nearly as much in the way of film, and I'll chat the fuck out of the good ones when I see them.
Besides, the story is usually over in three hours, and I love me a good slow burn.