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Dead Air, on a Chilly Monday Morning

Get excited, people-

The first Angries Origin Story; Dead Air: The Silent Speaker Formerly Known As PollyAnna Jewell Knudson, is droppin' in March.

What can I say in prep?


Dead Air, an Angries Origin Story

Polly's been a 'fun as fuck' character to explore and flesh out- and I do get a kick out of developing these characters. What goes into them, the study, the journey, and birth of the quirks, the meaty-bits that build their uniqueness, it's all a wild and unpredictable ride.

I've known for a long while that I'd be releasing novella length origin stories for characters that (for time) wouldn't fit within the central plot-point, or whose telling wouldn't keep with the flow for the story.

I've said before that with The Angries, I'm building my universe, and with that in mind, there are a few avenues for the telling.

I'll post more the closer we get to release, link info to a giveaway and all that jazz.

Back to it- these things don't edit themselves, and nor do they integrate the edits from others, either.

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