• Deni Skeens

Banging My Head Against The Keyboard

Here I am, figuratively banging my head against the keyboard, my frustrations at peak performance and mostly to do with the fact that I'm wrangling this blog/site solo.

Wrangling is a bit of a stretch, although, to be fair, it's nowhere as intimidating as it was last week.

Maybe it's the abundance of middle fingers I've angrily jabbed at the monitor, or all of the fuck you, you fucking snatch('s) that I've hurled in the last two days that have done the trick.

I don't think that's it, but man, if that's what gets shit done, sign me the fuck up.

Simple and salty, can't go wrong there.

Anyway, I digress.

So here I am, straight up on the verge of crushing my mouse in a death-grip, little cracks and pops of plastic alerting me to the fact that it's not invincible, and I get an email alert.

So I puff-exhale and check my email.

It's the most beautiful email in the history of July 19ths ever—

MUSE has a new song... and, I can listen to it, and watch the video.


Just like that, it's a great fucking day.

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