Deni Skeens

Deni is a writer, game producer and supermom with far too many interests and not enough time.
Creativity smacks her in many mediums, whether it be writing, painting, painstakingly piecing together the perfect convention costume or gaming.
She is no stranger to the epic waiting room, cosplay or the insanity that is SDCC and is always on the hunt for the next venue that strives to celebrate enthusiasts and authors like herself. 
When not cranking away at her ideas, she can be found absorbing the written works of others through a multitude of platforms, with an appetite as voracious as a black hole.
She's a Kentucky born California Girl, currently braving the bug population (think Arachnids/Starship Troopers/Only good bug is a dead bug) in Austin, and building her Angries Universe... among other things.

The Angries is her first self-published work.

Dude, can we talk about Westworld? No, wait, 
burner that, let's talk about that season finale of The Expanse, and how kick-ass the adaptation is-- or no, let's talk about The Americans ending and the nothingness that's in its place. (That finale, though!) Oooo, do you think the Passage will live up to the book? Damn fine book, by the way.